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The mouse cursor will change into an hourglass during the update. Commutateur relié en ligne. See the Commands Dialog Box Functions on page 31 for more information. Files Added, Files Ajoutés: The display order setting alters how target devices will display in several dialog boxes, including Main, Devices and Broadcast. Cliquez sur la case de fermeture X pour fermer la boîte de dialogue Version IQ. Generally, the contrast should be moved very little.

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Le nom de l utilisateur connecté apparaît dans la partie gauche de la barre d options supérieure. Connected target device is powered down or is not operating properly and the AVRIQ module is offline. The menu and toolbar are locked so that they are visible at all times. Mouse settings are device-specific; that is, they may be set differently for each device. Assigning target device names Use the Names dialog box to identify target devices by name rather than by port number. Enter the name of the file that you downloaded from the Avocent web site.

Do not exceed your rack load rating. Bookmarking a window will add a link to the window in the Favorites drop-down menu. To display version information: The default key sequence is Ctrl-F1.

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Une résolution vidéo atteignant jusqu à x pour les utilisateurs distants. Changes made in the Device Modify dialog box are not saved until you click OK in the dialog box. Ajtoview du paramètre régional d entrée pour les serveurs Sun: This key autovieq toggles you between the previous and current connections.


Click Setup to open the Setup dialog box shown in Figure 3. Menu Network Configuration Configuration réseau If necessary, select the time limit for the inactivity timeout.

AutoView 3100/3200. Installer/User Guide

Users can view all appliance information, but only Administrators can change settings. Sutoview the Save button to complete the process.

Align the mouse cursors. Pour des résultats optimaux, ils doivent se trouver sur le même circuit. Type autovview mouse scaling value in the X and Y fields.

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For example, a user with a preemption level of 4 may preempt other level 4 users, as well as those with a level 1, 2 or 3 setting. See Chapter 6 for detailed autovie. Available values are widths of 80 columns or columns. Configurer une méthode de balayage personnalisée pouvant s appliquer jusqu à 16 serveurs.

Keep CAT 5 cable as far away aautoview possible from potential sources of EMI, such as electrical cables, transformers and light fixtures. Be sure to firestop all autoveiw that penetrate a firewall.

Elle est remplacée Plus en détail. Viewing Appliance Information Continued To do this: Si aucun utilisateur n est actuellement connecté à une voie, le champ Utilisateur est viewrr et le message Libre est affiché dans le champ Nom de serveur.


To change fiewer Video Viewer window resolution: An 8-bit color setting on the client PC requires 1. Side Navigation Bar Clicking on a link that does not contain an arrow will display its corresponding window.

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Les options de visibilité du curseur telles que les traînées du pointeur, les animations d emplacement du curseur à l aide de la touche Ctrl, l ombre du curseur et le curseur masqué doivent être également désactivées. Opens autoviwe boxes, selects or checks options and executes actions when used with underlined or other designated letters.

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This option allows you to specify the serial port s communications parity. Viewre the Delete Offline button. Session time-out A remote session can time-out no activity has occurred in a Session window for a specified time.

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This option allows you to specify the serial port communications speed. When finished, click Close to exit the Manual Video Adjust dialog box.