I went to a Rogers store, they are aware of problem, but nothing can be done. The camera has completely stopped working! However, over the last 6 months the phone has been freezing up in the middle of text messaging and most recently it freezes in the middle of calls which means that you cannot end the call or turn the phone off for that matter. Problems with camera Reviewed on Sunday March 20, by S. This thing has been a time-drain. It also offers Internet services including e-mail and web browsing.

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Careful with this phone. If you can send a text message, you can send pictures.

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Problems with camera Reviewed on Sunday March 20, by S. The only good thing I can say about this phone is that I dropped it down motl stairs once, and aside from a loose fitting battery cover, it seemed to survive the fall pretty well. The only problem I have had so far was 3 times the screen went blank. Store the address v20 on the phone and you’ll have picture-id, voice selected dialing, and some added features.

For anybody wanting a camera phone that works for a couple of months i highly reccomend this phone. Remember the C well meet his brother Verizon also disables or severely limits, depending on the firmware version the ability to use MIDI and MP3 files, stored on the MicroSD card, as ringtonesin an effort to direct users to its own paid service, ” Get It Now!

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The phone will freeze up for no reason. Have had the phone 3 days. I find that even though I’m in a full bar zone, the transmission goes in and out even if I’m sitting perfectly still and am calling a regular landline this never happened with the inferior phone this one replaced. Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references.

It is unknown if the higher specific absorption rate had anything to do with the device’s removal. Best iPhone camera apps. The V is a cellular mobile phone designed by Motorola which debuted in I’m either stuck with this phone for the next year and a half, or have to pay for an upgrade.

We have Five children under the age of 7 and they have dropped juggled and gubered our two v’s and they have stood up way beyond other phones we have had.

This one puts whoever I’m talking to on hold then starts redialing their number. Single camera Main camera: When I tried to get someone to assist me, they insist that it is physical damage and is not covered under warranty or insurance!

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By current standards, the V has several modern features, such as the superior k color screen. The casing feels very cheap, and I doubt it would survive even the smallest drop. Best Android photo and video apps.


Do you own, or have you used this product? Then, one of my friends had a problem with her V Despite our efforts to provide full and correct Motorola V specifications, there is always a possibility of making a mistake. So really what does the warenty cover?????? What would be the point of buying a new one if it breaks off a second time? As for the pc interface issue, I have simply purchased my own after market usb cable and searched forums online and learned where to download 2v20 software and how to install and use it.

It also comes with a software upgrade of a “Live Ticker”—the first Motorola product to do so.

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One thing i really like is the fact that it can use mp3s as ring tones. Emilia, 09 Jan i was using this phone for about 2 years but then suddenly battery went dead. It also comes with a rubber-like black outer edge instead of dark blue.

BUT, you got to buy the usb cable which is about bucks to do it. The problem lies with garbage plastic threads in moho phone which stripped in a number of weeks. No one could get it to turn back on.