Setting maxConnectionAge or maxIdleTime to 30 minutes is quite aggressive. Use this temporarily in combination with debugUnreturnedConnectionStackTraces to figure out where Connections are being checked-out that don’t make it back into the pool! Excluding identity tokens from JMX names is particularly hazardous if you will initialize multiple DataSource from the same named configuration. Just a side note: Alternatively, you can use the static factory class com. This property now defaults to true , and logger names are logged in place of class names.

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See Appendix A for a comprehensive list of configuration properties.

A c3p0 pool typically uses just one ConnectionTester to test all of its Connections, often concurrently. In this version there is number of properties hdbc3 for the ConnectionPoolDataSource. Lokesh 5, 5 27 If set to a value greater than 0, the statement cache will track when Connections are in use, and only destroy Statements when their parent Connections are not otherwise in use.

You can set the dataSourceName property directly when you jbc4 your DataSource, or dataSourceName can be set like any other property in a named or the default config.

Forces the username that should by PooledDataSources when a user calls the default getConnection method. But if you are going to make use of dataSourceNameyou will probably want to ensure that all pooled DataSources within your JVM do have unique names.

C3P0 offers a wide variety of options for controlling how quickly pools that have grown large under load revert to minPoolSizeand whether “old” Connections in the pool should be proactively replaced to maintain their reliablity. The easy way to clean up after c3p0-created DataSources is to use the static destroy method defined by the class DataSources. The number of Connections increases whenever a Connection is requested by a user, no Connections are available, and the pool has not yet reached maxPoolSize in the number of Connections managed.


Note that parameters must be capitalized in this file, but otherwise they are defined as described above. C3P0 does not provide any means of accessing the raw Connections and Statements directly, because C3P0 needs to keep track of Statements and ResultSets created in order to prevent resource leaks and pool corruption. Configuration values taken from the default configuration of a c3p0-config. Unlike in most other jars the imports are not from ojdbc14, they are from java.

For some applications, high performance is more important than the risk of an occasional database exception.

Connections from a JDBC client application

By default, dataSourceName takes the value of the configuration name. If cs is set to 0, c3p0 will attempt to acquire new Connections indefinitely, and calls to getConnection may block indefinitely waiting for a successful acquisition.

These files must be placed as top-level ClassLoader resources, see above. Please see Configuring DefaultConnectionTester.

Unreferenced instances of PooledDataSource that are not close ed by clients close themselves prior to garbage collection in their finalize methods.

You can ensure the reliability of your Kdbc4 by testing them, rather than by tossing them. Begin by setting testConnectionOnCheckout to true and get your application to run correctly and stably. However, asynchronous checkins add to Thread pool congestion. AccessControlContext associated with c3p0 library classes. FallbackMLog Alternatively, the following abbreviations are supported: Once you sign in you will be able to subscribe for any updates here By RSS: The name will be the value of the property dataSourceNamewhich you can set yourself to ensure that semanically equivalent data sources are identifiable across application restarts.


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Obviously, if a non-zero value is set, it should be to a value longer than any Connection should reasonably be checked-out. See this link for a more detailed review. Post as a guest Name.

Statement and ResultSets are carefully cleaned up when pooled Connections and Statements are checked in, to jcbc4 resource- exhaustion when clients use the lazy but common resource-management strategy of only cleaning up their Connections. SybDriver there is no problems if I connect with this com.

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Determines how the contextClassLoader see java. If callerc3p0-spawned Threads helper threadsjava.

Seconds before c3p0’s thread pool will try to interrupt an apparently hung task.