Then I tried to open Writer to update this page, and immediately went to black screen. Unfortunately they’re virtually impossible to find in stores but they are plentiful and fairly cheap on eBay. This isn’t going to be what you want to hear. It looks like that adapter was made between and from what I could gather on it. When you type it, you will not see the input. So, despite your help, I’m still stuck. Pulled down menus for a minute.

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I retried, using the Win driver same name only to be told “driver is already installed”. Thanks so much for all the help. My laptop has no problem with it. You may want to run lsusb That’s LSUSB in lower case in a terminal and post the results so we can hwu54x what chipset the adapter has. When you type it, you will not see the input.

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I’ll look for the chipset for that adapter and see what I hwwu54d find out. Started up FireFox and came to forum. I’ll have to work through getting my accounts active again; haven’t used them in years. Took me forever to figure out that I hadn’t added it to Modprobe! I then deleted the old driver. I know what I want to do, but Ilnux don’t know where to begin. I’ll go back now to step 7 from 2hot6ft2 and try to pick up from there Here’s the google search for HWU54D chipset http: Pasted this here now.


I’ll go ahead and tell you what I’ve found and my opinion, so for what it’s worth here it is. There were a lot of results that were saying it causes system freezes and the newest driver I could find for it for linux was from back in here http: Only can power down.

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Then open a terminal. Nothing happens when I connect the wifi adapter. I logged out there. I tried “sudo modprobe ndiswrapper” both after and before the “sudo ndisgtk” instruction, but my usb wifi key is still not recognised.

I really hate to hit the Submit Reply button on this one.

I am now running after booting without the adapter and not sure what ywu54d do next I think maybe this adapter cannot be used on this computer?

If one is shown in the top box select it and click on Activate at the bottom. Okay, this will be slow but I need to chronicle what’s happening. Just plug it in and it works.


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With the computer running and you’re on the desktop, plug the usb wifi adapter in or leave it plugged in. Could only see 3 messages, at 2, 7, and 8 hours ago. You can find them by searching for either of these there: Not to be found. This isn’t going to be what you want to hear. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner nothing to do with world cup football, of course I have a WIFI network in my home, working fine.

And the first post from searching for the chipset in google didn’t look good either.

As soon as I selected Terminal, black screen.