Install software, restart computer, check to see if pad works, restart computer, eat breakfast, check gamepad, restart Windows, pray for arch-nemesis’ horrific demise while taking morning shower, play game with new gamepad. With the world bowing to 3D, it’s about time that someone on the PC side of things put out a gamepad that provided the same analog options as our console cousins have had for years now. The SideWinder and I have had a long relationship, we’ve had some good times, but I got analog in my eyes the second I saw PlayStation’s update to its standard digital setup. For example a 12×12 inch tile would. If you get a message saying something about a confict with emulation software then you either have CloneCD or CloneDVD installed or you are not running the latest version of Daemon Tools or Alcohol I will be using the pedi wrap but does anyone know if it has any side effect like blood cloth, and Vista Ready Parts of a Spark Plug Most spark plugs consist of three thrustmaster t rs driver update. Tal, don’t read this.

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I had the chance to test other gamepads, from the cheap ones, like from Gembird to highly appreciated items, like from Logitech, but somehow I still like better my aging InterAct Hammerhead FX. Tal, don’t read this.

Mainhammerhead fx 3dfx windows drivers – Sitemap.

InterAct Accessories HammerHead FX (SV262) Gamepad

Most of today’s modern games do a pretty good job of allowing you to tweak your controller to your heart’s content, so more often then not you’ll be doing your control modifications in the game, anyway.


Overall, this pad is a nice, if not heavy hammrrhead to the SideWinder series, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants an analog, rumbly experience on their gamepad. 3fx installing any such Driver, make sure your System is backed up properly!

One or more Hammerhead. By the way, my Hammerhead hardware says SV HFX is a driver written from the ground up that realizes the full potential of the Hammerhead FX gamepad. First off, I was surprised to find that many of today’s big games have specific setups for dual-analog gamepads.

If that fails, try the native Driver Gameport version. FalconFly, NitroX infinity, gdonovan.

Hammerhead Fx 3dfx Driver – israelinstruction

For example a 12×12 inch tile would. If that fails, try the native Driver Gameport version Home Help Search Login. The HammerHead FX, though inexplicably tied to 3dfx in some sort of nebulous marketing deal, is an InterAct pad that hopes to end console controller envy with one fell swoop by giving you two analog controllers, a digital pad, six buttons, two triggers, and biggest of all, rumble feedback. Hammerhead fx 3dfx windows drivers.

The spec and requirements list, for those of who enjoy information popped out in little black dots, is:.

–>InterAct HammerHead FX

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Falconfly, could you please upload this driver too to the 3DFX Archive? As for me, I’d like a little more subtlety.

The InterAct profiler adds yet another icon to your startup tray, and if you own multiple peripherals like I do, you’ll spend more time leering at it then you will actually tweaking the joystick to work with InterAct’s various peripherals. Despite being hand-selected from positive User feedback, I don’t take credit nor responsibility for any of these Files If you get a message saying something about a confict with emulation software then you either have CloneCD or CloneDVD installed or you are not running the latest version of Daemon Tools or Alcohol Discussion entitled as follows: This driver works, and it does a very good job in Windows XP and Windows also.


In the early s after trying out several different joysticks and gamepads only one, to me, emerged the clear winner, the Hammerhead FX. Rayman 2 would have been a perfect matchup if it wasn’t for that pesky UbiSoft and its inconceivable decision to not let you change your controller configuration.

As for the rumbling, while it’s fun for some games, other titles will drive you nuts. Will this driver work with that hardware configuration, or do I need to use a strictly Hammerhea supporting driver?

3dfx Hammerhead FX Game Controller Dual Analog Gamepad Vintage Voodoo Gamer RARE

Because Motocross Madness 2 features a rumbling, jumping bike, you’ll have to deal with constant shuddering and shaking during entire levels, but if that’s your thing then you may just love it.

Unfortunately, the HammerHead FX has one fatal flaw, and that’s its chunky, clunky digital pad. Yes, you’ve got to buy your own batteries if you want the thing to jiggle, but other than that setup is a snap, at least in terms of Windows.