The alteration in the garphics. Real-time graphics The S-presso is the only PCs of its size with the ability to accommodate all AGP 8x graphics cards, leveraging powerful graphics for 3D gaming and movie special effects. Originally Posted by neliz Again, thanks.. Access multimedia functions without touching the keyboard! Intel G Chipset South Bridge: The expresso is blardy difficult to open up thats for sure. I patched to newest version.

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So now thinking I’m ok Find More Posts by rhyinem. Originally Posted by pav for me it actualy froze on the last land, the second after i clicked on where to create the volcano.

Altech brings ELSA video-cards back to Australian shores

Find More Posts by pav. Maze’s System Specs Motherboard. Oct 10, Oct 13, at Im not really a fps ho so I have no idea what its actually running at but ill see what kind of numbers I get tonight with 5.


I also have “mouse lags”, if I slowly move my mouse, the pointer in-game will not move. The above procedure isn’t vital, it is just advised.

Oct 23, Push the tool-less dt to install or remove hard disks and optical drives. Originally Posted by neliz Again, thanks. Last edited by neliz: After installing the version 1.

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Oct 13, Find More Posts by neliz. Oct 12, Should this fail to work, left-click on the Start menu, select Settings and then Control Panel. It’s incredibly slow on my Pro with 5.

Find More Posts by Maze. Does seem a bit slow to me but its really not that bad for having all of the settings cranked. For all I know it will pull that crap again.

Sorry, Patch doesn’t have anything to do with graphics, just AI etc. Open the chassis simply by lifting the handle.

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I just zt get 5. Find More Posts by stuminus3. Hi, I’m an Geforce user with heavy performace-issues also. Find More Posts by Nick All times are GMT A known issue with this patch is with the save system.


Intel G Chipset South Bridge: Login to Your Account. The entire system is modularized to provide a convenient solution for system building, upgrade and maintenance.

Apr 24,