Your contribution keeps AWA going, supporting the training of new AWA workshop leaders & our network of AWA Affiliates around the world.

Those who have been trained to use this method go on to do deeply meaningful work, including starting non-profits of their own. Some of the populations with whom AWA-certified workshop leaders write include: incarcerated women (Voices from Inside), people experiencing homelessness (New York Writer’s Coalition), women and girls in Malawi (VoiceFlame Writers), women of color in Brooklyn (IMANI HOUSE), LGBT elders, domestic violence survivors, veterans, people experiencing life-threatening illnesses, doctors, service providers, and more.

Your donation to AWA has an exponential impact, as the above organizations illustrate, allowing us to serve those who go on to serve others. We thank you for your commitment to the belief that a writer is someone who writes and that every writer has a unique voice.

We could not do what we do without your support.