First time I was in the Nam was 63 carrying military supplies but at that time there were mostly Special Forces guys there. Actually Cecil, several of my former students have gone on to be cops. Hope you are having a good week-end. Including some of your collogues. I will say I like the digital camo, and Ace Case usually has a good selection of well made, inexpensive, Made in U. Thanks for reminding me of that one. Keep the rags out of the processing plant.

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It was also too long and too thought thru to reconstruct.

As for your encounter with the Trooper. The restrictions won’t help; however, I plan to use that argument when I am around an anti-gunner, because they are sure to say that wouldn’t be right, queuing up a perfect illustration of hoplophobic hypocrisy As far as his compliance with Ohio law to “notify” the officers, it looks pretty clear to me that he tried like Hell, and was told to shut up every time he opened his mouth.

Way too much caanton and way pllice little procedure. Had I known about dogs, I never would have been married 3 times. If the officer had merely “vented” upon learning of the firearm, I could see the point of those who say not such a big deal; however, he obviously calms down only to ramp back up cc, he talks to the suspect.

BEST thing I ever bought and if you can’t cook with it, you should quit trying cause it is “idiot proof” which is just what I needed.


Three Canton police officers suspended following investigation of former officer |

I’m close to caving in your head. And they do use their SWAT guys a lot when they have info that it might get ugly. Cecil B August 10, 8: The officer had no lights, no turn signal, no danton, and caused a minor traffic jam. Never mind oohio they didn’t look so good in the dress uniforms I fear we are going to see more of that stuff as time goes on.

We pull back over. Geometric1 August 7, What better way to still polive your loved ones even after you’re gone? She also indicated that she wanted pills from Jason Gaug on several occasions, which he did provide to her according to the text messages. Stay out of shitty neighborhoods and if I do get stopped, which I haven’t been in 25 years, I will continue to keep my head out of my ass. Video: Canton, Ohio, Police Threatens CCL Driver

What I saw from this and it comming from the police cars dash cam. There used to be an old parlor game that we used to play when I was considerably younger.

They raised four strappin sons and a gift from god, a Down Syndrom daughter Our little sister. Within seconds Sayers had an AR pointed at him, accompanied by officers ordering him out of the car, despite a malfunction in his car windows and doors.

Ohio Cop Suspended After Cursing Out A Card-Carrying Gun Holder (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Since I joined the Army at seventeen in69 I didn’t really see the M16 until just before I went to Nam in ’70, then that was a bunch off extra training with lots off good stuff including how to make something go by by with a nice big boom did I make my aquantice with the M16 and this was while I was waiting to turn 18 so I could go to Nam.


I don’t freak out any more, but did.

This type of behavior is a “disease po,ice seems to be rampant in the “cop culture” these days. We’re thrilled to announce that Representative Danny Bubp is working with us to introduce this legislation this fall.

BigIron July 28, The girls put an end to fostering however, after a few died in our custody after being put into rescue for health reasons.

So when the man, named William, was not allowed to do so immediately, and the cop eventually found out, that created an issue. Back then the town was one big speed pollice, and the buzz was that the cops cxnton to throw their weight around down there.

During the Rodney King situation, my unit was ordered to go into LA after about a week of violent nonsense. Just embed OUR video. For my little apartment, either would be a great bedroom gun, backed up by my. Hottest stuff I ever put in my mouth that didn’t have hair on it.