It looks good and feels very solid – actually I should say IS very solid as I’ve dropped this keyboard quite a few times over the years and it’s never shown so much as a scratch or been affected by my carelessness. This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp. This can lengthen the usage of this keyboard by sustain more than 15 million times strike. Wireless design makes the operation is more easily. On the left side of the keyboard is another set of right and left-mouse buttons.

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There is a newer version IIIurf being sold keyboagd is supposedly very similar with a few slight differences. It is not a small keyboard by any means.

The first thing you’ll realize with this keyboard is the size.

BTC URF – keyboard Overview – CNET

Ever since the advent of the Internet and PC gaming, the keyboard that we are all too familiar with has keyboafd given the treatment of keyboarv. I suspect it just needed breaking in because it was fine after a little bit of use a few games of centipede.

If more products related information is needed, please go to www. This week, we’ll run through some excellent options for compact, wireless keyboards designed exactly for this purpose. There are a row of hotkeys on the top of the keyboard. Media Center Keyboards – What’s Important?

BTC RF Wireless USB Keyboard URF Review

When playing the racing game, or flying-shooting game, or some fictitious fighting games, the player can 9019uurf only this”Dual Mode Joystick Mouse” to control the direction very smoothly. Since this keyboard is RF based, as opposed to IR which is line of sightit has a really good range. The thumb control stick was automatically recognized as a USB mouse device and I was able to navigate, click, right click, and double click to my hearts content. A few minor quibbles: Warrior needs food badly Initially the thumb stick would get hung up for a second in the maximum down position before returning to center.


It doesn’t have the number keypad of the desktop keyboards, but the handles on the sides seem to make up for that. Stay tuned to GeekTonic next 0919urf for more Keyboard Reviews and two great giveaways.

The noiseless design can also be used in office. It is not going to replace a gamepad for hardcore Halo style gaming, but for HTPC administration, surfing the web, and remote control of PVR software from your couch it works great.

Newer Post Older Post Home. It’s a reasonably priced 9091urf that handles what you need for Home Theater PCs. Wireless distance can reach at least 3M.

BTC 9019URF Wireless Keyboard

Nice layout for typing Inexpensive Design with handles makes keyboard easy to manage in the livingroom Built in joystick for mouse control Cons: I had best results when the receiver was at least a few feet away from the TV. Besides, this URF wireless keyboard for game passes the test by group of game players.


Low Profile Keycaps type. The most unique outlook of BTC URF wireless keyboard for game is the”holders” on the both sides, and this creative design is to make users operate this keyboard easily no matter on couch or stand around.

But what if that HTPC is in the living room, bedroom or somewhere else in the home – in these situations you want your HTPC to fit in with the home theater environment and therefore most control will happen with your remote control.

There was no perceptible lag when typing or navigating menus. Just know that range can diminish behind wood doors and walls.

When you’re shopping for media center keyboards the most important factors are as follows: Wireless design makes the operation is more easily. These days, this pivotal tool is no longer starring as just a simple typing device for office or work related applications kyboard.

BTC 9019URF – keyboard

This keyboard only weights 0. The “handlebars” on this keyboard are quite unique but they really work to make the keyboard manageable in the living room setting.

Installation Installation as you might expect from a keyboard is very easy. You’ll find that the newer BTC model is more prevalent and has taken care of some kwyboard the issues mentioned in this review.