They may have similar names Turner T7, Gallery, and so on. Although I have made several sets of look alikes mostly from Hireko I have found the Irons are great and although they should always be checked for loft and lie after assembly that using a good shaft the work just great. Heck, I’m thinking about selling my Pings now and getting AP2s. Pinemeadow Golf has made an impact on the cloned golf club market that has resonated with the value-conscious crowd. They design their clubs but they look amazingly like many other top brands. I certainly believe there is little difference in shot results from an overall performance. Having been in manufacturing all my life and seen what quality can and cannot be, I wonder about the quality of all clubs today.

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I will say that some companies make good in-house shafts.

Why is it my problem? Just a quick note to say i recently decided to take up golf. Heater F Black Compare to: If you want your suit to look the best on you, you have a tailor fit it to your body.

Taylormade Clone Golf Clubs Custom Made

Titanium also helps increase the size of the sweet spot on these irons, helping golfers hit the ball farther more consistently. I have also seen some really good clubs, despite being complete knockoffs. Accuracy When it comes to accuracy the results are less cut and dry. It took me three drivers and four sets of irons to maximize my game. I have a gigagolf driver and a hireko driver and a Powerbilt airforce one driver. The vast majority of these foundries are in Asia, and yes these major brands are not manufacturing their own heads; they are buying their heads from these Asian foundries.


Has anyone tried these Taylormade clones? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

And if you customize your clubs to fit your body, we think there’s a pretty good chance besst have the advantage over the prestige golfer who uses the club with the fancy label and thinks it will help him out of the sand trap. These shafts do perform differently from one another. I need cheap clubs and their just as good.

I would like to purchase clone component heads from China but I am skeptical because I have no knowledge of which companies to trust. Browse our selection of clone clubs: The uninformed, the ebst, the consumer who is jealous of the success of OEMs and their need to earn profits. He was trained by Ralph Malby who started Golfworks. The popup will be closed in 10 seconds Trademarks used on this site are the property of the named companies and are used for reference and comparison only.


I now play Nike long irons and Cleveland scoring clubs and love them! The major brands will design the head then turn the proof over to a foundry to produce the raw casting. Bewt course, the Tour Burner was produced before things took a slightly downward dip.

If we simply look at the raw averages we see that the Clone was actually more accurate! One could certainly argue that the “similar to” clubs reap the advantage of the major bands ad campaigns, without any cost.

Posted January 14, Clone irons are typically cheaply manufactured without the performance standards or the materials of golf clubs produced by original equipment manufacturers. L Mayhew 7 years ago. Tim 7 years ago. Tour Model T11 Hybrid Compare to: Heater B 2 Hybrid Compare to: Has anyone tried these Taylormade clones?

The Best Clone Golf Irons

Denny 7 years ago. By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk.

They make their own designs. Need to have a 6 iron built up and hit it. Lastly on the subject of quality: