Document generated by Confluence on Apr 13, This container collects all configuration parameters for Logical Supervision for one external graph. It avoids the system from resetting if no failure occurs continuously in the application or basic software. This is the reference to the Supervised Entity for which the Local Status parameters are specified. Transition from one state to another depends depends on the WdgM mode, Local Supervised entity status and failure threshold set during the configuration of supervised entity. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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This is the reference to the initial Checkpoint s for this External Graph. The routine servicing an internal watchdog shall be implemented as an autoosar routine driven by a hardware timer Further reading reveleas: Typically, you’d rely not just on ISO but also on a safety manual provided by the manufacturer of your hardware.

This is the reference to the source Checkpoint of an External Transition. It contains a reference to the WdgMCheckpoint that you want to be supervised, as well as a number of parameter configuring the supervision itself, i. The modes usually corresponds to application modes where only autosarr active parts of the application is supervised. Email Required, but never shown.


This parameter contains the amount of alive indications of the Checkpoint that are acceptable to be additional to the expected alive indications within the corresponding supervision reference cycle. The flow of execution is monitored by monitoring these checkpoints.

This container defines the graph of Internal Transitions within this Supervised Entity.

In some supervised entities, the flow of execution has to be monitored for the error free execution of the program. After the final checkpoint it is expected that the initial checkpoint is reported again.


Each one of supervised entities corresponds to a task and the checkpoint reporting is done in the task:. For supervision of the transition time between two defined states of the software 3. Alive supervision — for supervision of timing of periodic software.

That is likely to specify additional requirements you have to implement, completely independent of Autosar. Documentation for Arccore Autosar 4 solution version 4. Sign up using Facebook.

Watchdoh supervision of the correctness of the execution sequence, i. The program flow supervision is used to supervise the order of the supervision entity execution and uses the graph defined for the supervised entity. This parameter contains the watchdog mode that shall be used for the referenced watchdog in this Watchdog Manager mode.


The alive supervision is used to supervise that a particular checkpoint is reached within a certain time frame. Oliver Scheid 88 9. For supervision of timing of periodic software 2.


For example, if an application SW-C only has one checkpoint that indicates that a cyclic Runnable has been started, then the Watchdog Manager is only capable of detecting that this Runnable is re-started and check the timing constraints. This is the reference to the final Checkpoint s for this External Graph. Logical supervision is used to monitor the flow wtachdog execution in the program. Optional reference to an OS Application. Thomas Watvhdog Premium Moderator.

Watchdog Services in AUTOSAR

If the pre-configured Global Threshold counters exceed due to failure of the supervised watxhdog the WdgM triggers a reset command to the Wdg driver resulting in the reset of the system. WdgMSupervisionReferenceCycle 1 5 Yes This parameter shall contain the amount of supervision cycles to be used as reference by the alive-supervision mechanism to perform the checkup with counted alive indications according to corresponding SE.

Reference to the DemEventParameter which shall be issued when the defensive behavior checks have detected an improper caller. Reference to Checkpoint within a Supervised Entity that shall be supervised.

This container collects all configuration parameters for the Local Status of a Supervised Entity. Alive Supervision monitors the rate of execution for these supervised entities.