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Veuillez activer JavaScript dans votre navigateur. Serveur francophone Burning Crusade créé 2 ans après l’ouverture du serveur. Just another note we just spread out around the dragon and continued dsping him during banish phase. After spending maybe 6 months without ever hearing of anybody getting the drake on my server, we suddenly got 3 guildies including me see it drop, and win it in 1 week. Also with the 3 min achievement.

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Commentaire de Hoofrage well after farming this since i dinged lvl 80 today the mount finally dropped. Il est nécessaire d’utiliser certains addons pour modifier l’aspect des icones par exemple Bartender4, SatrinaBuffFrame, BlizzFacade, One day after stopping for a while the dungeon comes on on the Random dungeon finder. World of Warcraft – The Burning Crusade 2. Commentaire de SilverKnight Netherspite is an unusual fight because it is far less class- or stats- dependant than most. Standing in void AND 2 beams.

Commenter la réponse de thesimx. Commentaire de clonetek Got this mount tonight, only the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve ever seen it drop. Commentaire de fidfid it droped in my 6th random run on my alt today came second on roll T.

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Commentaire de Laskai how epic atlasloor was that comment I’d say maybewhich is quite low if you think about it. Proto-Drake dropped atkasloot out of kills. Hardest fight for us in Kara, but i got my pants: You can always go with the trick of taking all 3 beams and you will be able to very easily kill him.


Commentaire de Detroitchamp Accidentally solo’d him as an 85 Hunter while going for the Children’s Week achievement to kill the final boss of Utgarde Pinnacle.

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Not that you would have guessed, though, in your hurry to flame a lucky mount owner, but no one else in the group had epic flight training either.

Commentaire de Aestu Skadi is easily soloable by a protection paladin; I did it in full T8.

atlasloot 5.0.5

And today when i fired up my regular runs the mount dropped! Beyond that, he’s not much different from any other boss in here. Easiest thing I’ve ever solo’ed. I was lucky enough to get atladloot on one of them.

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Commentaire de Asiva I got this Mount on my Second run so was extremely, extremely lucky there! Commentaire de Firkash Realm: Enter room and get in range as close to the door as you can be Throw a knife at boss. Other player will keep this strategy in the next phase Commentaire de Illumenati Did random Occ the other day for my Expert Drake Raider and got the Reins of the Blue, the next day today I ran UP for all 3 achieves and rolled and won on this first run through!

All I can say is this: At the boss encounter it is important to remember that you don’t need to rush yourself and take too many mobs at a time.

I’ve been 2 manning it lately with a prot pally I’m a huntard Hopefully I see it soon! ButtonFacade Je n’ai pas trouvé de meilleur version pour la 4. When taking my GF’s char through the instance for the first time, it dropped on 1st kill.


Commentaire de lolup Solo’d the boss today, and I got the mount on my first run! Commentaire de collector This mount is a really rare drop chance on Skadi the Ruthless in Heroic mode Utgarde Pinnacle. Was just doing the daily with my friends.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Not sure if any cloth-wearing classes are capable of surviving this. When Skadi starts his whirlwind, Sprint away and bandage yourself Note: Commentaire de Jdekik Soloed as feral tank level 85 with an average item level in 1 minute 6 seconds catching all beams and stacking them, popping all cds so there was no need to get into the next phase.

Commentaire de Maria Soon his room will have a door and we’ll be forced to play with him in there.

atlasloot 5.0.5

It would be even less likely to see anyone but a serious raider get it. Commentaire de viralez finally got this after a couple of years of doing it for heroics everyday during wotlk, and recently soloing about a dozen or so times.

Ce ceinturon est donc presque aussi rare qu’un Glaive de guerre d’Azzinoth.