Generally the A6J is not one for the long road, unless you have another battery or two to spare. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Visit our network of sites: Hard Disk Drive The body is painted with dark silver paint and the lid and back are painted black. Therefore fan exit and interfaces can be positioned in the back. The tested Asus A6Ja convinced

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The design is very sober.

It is a poor design to lump the USB ports together, which means no easy access for thumbdrives and such. On the top of the screen there is a 1.

ASUS A6J notebook

Powered by an Intel Core Duo T, which has a run-speed of 1. Guidelines For Using Ir Communication There is Bluetooth available as well, adding to the wealth of connectivity options.

The position of the speakers is open to argument, they are located on either side at the front-bottom of the notebook. The display cover in the left lower area is likewise somewhat wobbly.


Not one for the ladies, but still attractive for men. The screen is a Transflective TFT, bright and clear with no dead pixels, looks like a job well done. The keyboard is very pleasent.

ASUS A6J notebook

The Power4Gear which allows customization of power profiles and quick change of profiles and LiveUpdate which updates your default notebook software are fine though, performing as they should. I was also a bit afraid about reports of light leakage in the Dell Inspiron series.

It gets rather hot after extended use, especially near the right palm rest area, where I think the harddisk is located. Listening To Audio Cd The lid closes with two plastic latches making it impossible to open it with only one hand.

If you 6aj overlook all the mentioned disadvantages as I have, I would fully and sincerely recommend this product. The heat vent is well located though, as it will neither bother your mouse hand nor colleagues sitting beside you.

Review Asus A6Ja – Reviews

Or maybe, I am just careless. Nevertheless, the surface does not seem to be particularly scratch-proof. Left Function and Control keys should be switched. Restarting Or Rebooting All components inside the case However being one myself, I have become more or less accustomed to it already, but I think having the Ctrl button on the extreme left edge would be ideal still.


It has two big hinges which are integrated with the screen and feel very firm.

One of the cons about this laptop is the USB ports placement; they are all together in the right back side. The hinges are very well-built and tight, with no squeaks or flimsiness. The maximally measured brightness of There are neither light leaks nor uneven backlighting — further proof of the high quality ASUS is churning out. Using The Touchpad A6u time reviewed by us: Charging The Battery Pack The battery performance is nothing to shout about at all.

Looks stylish, not too small for proper use, and works fine. Within the right area in front of the keyboard we could determine crunches under pressure.