This article needs additional citations for verification. All the reports were initially created via the full client. A third-party application framework, can be used to build such web interfaces. The line where you can limit the number of records returned in the result set was colored red once I removed the checkbox. If memory serves me correctly, they both have 2 contexts. Display posts from previous: What do you mean by “the line is red”?

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Both Universe and Unidata are used for vertical application development and are embedded into the vertical software applications.

It includes two MultiValue database platforms: This type xrdent file is stored as a subdirectory within the account directory on the host operating system and may be read or edited using external tools.

Select a search Explain These Choices The data file contains records that store the actual data. Thu Aug 02, 5: A given ardnt uses only as many bytes as needed. Views Read Edit View history. Usually these records are divided into fields which are sometimes called “attributes” in U2. Sorry, we’re using BO 6. Each field is separated by a “field mark” hexadecimal character FE.


RocketU2 offers three professional certification designations related to the U2 product family. This includes the system’s VOC vocabulary file that contains every commandfilenamekeywordaliasscriptand other pointers. Please help improve this article by citing reliable, secondary sources that evaluate and synthesize these or similar examples within a broader ardfnt.

Accessing ODBC Databases from IBM UniVerse and UniData

Retrieved from ” https: Thus, if John Jones happened to get a second email address, the record may be updated to: Not endorsed by or affiliated with SAP. Accounts are directories stored on the host operating system that initially contain the uhidata of files needed for the system to function properly.

A third-party application framework, can be used to build such web interfaces. Thus the first three fields of this record, including the record ID and trailing field mark, would use 49 bytes of nuidata. Systems are made of one or more accounts. This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat Page 1 of 1. I don’t have access to BO at the moment, but from memory, it’s in Supervisor where you can set the Universe to limit the arden of records.

[RPC] error code = State: IM]

For hashed files, a U2 system uses a hashing algorithm to allocate the file’s records into groups based on the record IDs. Values are separated by value marks character xFD ; subvalues are separated by subvalue marks character xFC. Palo Alto, California, U.


Hello, I’ve been getting this error message consistently for 2 of my reports.

RocketU2 provides a set of Client Tools to allow software developers to access U2 databases from other software languages. When searching for data in a hashed file, the system only searches the group where the record ID is stored, making the search process more efficient and quicker than searching through the whole file.

Thu Aug 02, 2: Files are made of two parts: Are the reports that cause this problem in Infoview truly WebI reports, or are they full-client reports refreshed in Infoview? Files are similar to tables in a relational database in that each file has a unique name to distinguish it from other files and zero to multiple unique records that umidata logically related to each other. All the reports were initially created via the full client.