BrexB, on Aug 17 , All shafts have flex in them. There are several there right now in all lofts. Since it was now fairly warm, I was starting to worry. They offer blended hybrid sets, forged irons for the better player, as well as drivers and fairway woods. We are playing a 3 day tourney and boy is he in for a surprise! Hit a few in a field next to my house and I cannot believe how long it is.

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I hope my post helps for all those considering this club.

Adams Insight XTD A3 Boxer 3 Hybrid-fw Aldila Regular Flex 27603g

We both are going to purchase one. My local golf toy store replaced with a new unit, and there have been NO issues with this one…best results with any driver I have used! Having trouble fining one. They said I must have been abusing the club…that they had not heard of any significant shaft breakage in this model.

More traditional shape but same hot face. I never hit so straight and as long before.

ADAMS INSIGHT XTD A30S DRIVER | Discount Prices for Golf Equipment

Same reason the auto industry builds cars with inferior parts – to keep mechanics in business. Sure, these drivers do look alright.


Many heads fly off the shaft and in several cases the shaft has broken near the ijsight. Again sell Adams and their products are more impressive every year!! I was stationed in Boston, MA, and it was cold. I bought the first Adams a3 9.

This last one, the A3 which broke, is being replaced by Adams at no charge. Update my browser now. So i think i’m gonna keep this driver for a while unless i could find someone who wants to pay a decent price.

I brought my driver and hit balls as instructed and listened. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

I think you will find, however, that the stock shaft is pretty good and only 10 grams heavier and its a very very good shaft. It will take a few YEARS before we really see the best square drivers… as with all new technology it needs to be tried and improved on for a few years.

The store manager said if another club came apart he would replace the set. Has anyone seen this and if yes, what did Adams do? What was the model of driver? I took it to Edwin Watts Insigbt Shop and they had heard about this problem. This club would hit the ball further than anything I had tried, or owned….


Rangefinders and GPS Units allow you to obtain accurate yardages to pins and other targets so that you can improve accuracy and hit shots with confidence. If you would like to login to your account, click here.

Ask the Long Ctd of America. I have seen many knockoffs and they are getting really good…. This is an A3, which is 3 years and about 7 drivers old. Another great driver from Adams. Just gotta look and look. Blue is definitely a high launch shaft where Red is low. It’s the driver for me.

But I’m not wrong. I find it interesting that clubs marketed as “game improvement” clubs come stock with 46″ shafts. I seemed to be mostly hitting it well but with little roll and occasionally pushes right and pulls left.